John Mathwin – Percussion/Vocals

Ever since he can remember, John has loved singing and he will continue to do so for all his life.

It all started when he and Roger Ball (Fahrenheit 451) entered a talent quest in the 1970’s and, although they did not win, it was the encouragement that he needed to commence a career in the music business.

After that fateful day John went on to join several bands with the first being Justus, which became a contracted band at the Glenelg Pier.

He then moved to Melbourne, where he played with Company and started doing sessions as a backing vocalist for various artists at several well regarded recording studios around Melbourne.

He also supported many artists on stage and jammed with an array of well known names including Australian seminal retro-rockers Old 55.

Since returning to Adelaide, the name John Mathwin has become synonymous with the creation and management of quality Open Mic nights at various venues mainly around the Southern end of Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Currently John is playing with the following outfits…

  • The Nobodys
  • Diamond Life
  • Palmer Street Fusion
  • The Love Grins

But most importantly, he is one third of the well oiled rhythm section (along with bassist Sandy Mathewson and drummer Greg Mundy) of The Ides Of March.

John’s backing vocals soars angelically high above the music and is an essential part of the attention paid to vocal harmony in music… Something that is sorely lacking in the contemporary live music scene in Adelaide today.