Corey Stewart – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards

Corey provides the acoustic guitar, keyboards and lead vocals for The Ides Of March. Therefore, when the band start performing its magic on stage, all eyes and ears are on Corey.

He has been singing all his life (in fact he can’t remember a time in his life that he hasn’t been singing) and has been told that his voice sounds a little bit like Sting which is not a bad comparison when you think about it.

Even though Corey describes himself as a bass player by trade (been playing bass for over 35 years) he is more than happy to offer his acoustic guitaring and his more recent keyboard skills to the band.

Over his 35+ year music career, Corey spent the last decade as lead singer, acoustic guitarist and bassist for seminal Adelaide cover duo/powertrio FIGJAM and was at the one of the musicians who were at the forefront of the Adelaide Funk revival of the early 2000’s as lead vocalist/bassist of bands such as FunkStar and Orangutang.

He has also been a loyal bass player for songwriters such as Heather Frahn, Steve Lennox and Avra Velis.

Corey joined The Ides Of March in 2019 handpicked by its bass player Sandy Mathewson on the strength of his live solo acoustic shows.

Corey’s most recent claim to fame was standing in for GANGgajang’s bass player (the late and great) Chris Bailey at the Adelaide Salutes Chris Bailey concert at the Thebarton Theatre in 2013.

The Ides Of March will give Corey an opportunity to spread his vocal chops far and wide tackling a whole new repertoire of songs from the late 1960’s to 1980’s specialising in the “Yacht Rock” genre.

When not heading up The Ides Of March juggernaut, Corey spends his time running a web design business and a home recording studio as well as being a passionate advocate for songwriting and songwriters through his own online presence and his involvement as a board member for songwriting organisation SCALA (Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association).